The website will be a place to present my brand, distribute news, consolidate the media I create related to my personae of the drag queen character Ida Carolina, and redirect to my various profiles on established websites.

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Both the EES and the GINCUE ratings were very positive with some very specific critiques. The EES form came with the critiques that the home page could use more information and suggested adding a search function. The biggest critique was that because the social media links were static at the bottom of the page and when following my usability test they weren’t sure where to answer where to go to find the social media links, but they were still able to locate them by and large. One of my classmates suggested that they thought “Media” meant social media and that I should rename the page for my photos and videos. In the GINCUE results someone mentioned that having the navigation bar on the side and on the top was redundant, which is something I had considered when I was creating the beta version of the website.

The Heuristic test gave much the same results as the EES and the GINCUE evaluation results. It had one less respondent but that didn’t wildly the sway the direction of the data. Again the numeric ratings were high, averaging between six and seven. The only critique on the qualitative responses was about the lack of information on the homepage.

In the end the the information goal of Contact Info was dropped. I’m not keen on having my contact information posted directly to the internet in too many places as that can create a influx of spam emails, and I am a one person organization so I want to keep things streamlined. The contact form and the my social media inboxes are quite sufficient, I feel, to meet the need of people contacting my though this particular web avenue. It was prioritized very low on the matrix so I don’t see this as a vital loss. 

The information architecture and the matrix are definitely things I would revisit for future websites. I found those planning tools very helpful in having an uncluttered approach to  my website and it’s goals.

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